Metal Gear Solid V Multiplayer footage leaked

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Metal Gear Solid has a, well, weird showing at Gamescom. Hideo Kojima focused on some of the new things you can do with the famous cardboard box, horse poop and extracting helicopters into other helicopters. Sadly, he didn’t show off probably the most interesting part of The Phantom Pain.Like most other Metal Gear Solid titles, The Phantom Pain will feature an online multiplayer mode to supplement the single-player. However, it’s a little different this time and far more integrated into the overall Phantom Pain experience. The best way to think of it is invasions in Dark Souls, where other players can influence your single-player adventure.

We’ve seen a little bit of Mother Base, the central base of operations that players can return to at any time during The Phantom Pain. Here you store all the resources you gather during missions, using the Fulton system that airlifts nearly anything out of the battlefield for you. These resources help you in the single-player in terms of gear and weapons, but Mother Base also acts as another game entirely.

You’ll have to invest indecencies, alert systems and armed guards to protect your resources, because another player can invade your base at any time. This is where online multiplayer kicks in, with another seamlessly connected online experience. Players can infiltrate your Mother Base and steal resources for themselves, so gearing up for armed or stealth assault will be just as crucial as any of Snake’s missions.

A short glimpse of this in action was shown to press a Gamescom and managed to find its way online. Quickly check out the video below before legal gets a hold of it, which shows off some of the multiplayer action after the same demo that was shown on stage at Gamescom. The multiplayer footage starts at the 17 minute mark.

Last Updated: August 19, 2014

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