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Metro: Last Light the same on all platforms

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As you can probably tell from our nearly daily video posts, we here at Lazygamer are pretty darned excited for the sequel to THQ and 4A games sequel to their underappreciated post-apocalyptic, Soviet survival shooter. We’ve seen the game running on a high end PC, and it looks beautiful..in that miserable way that wastelands tend to look. Don’t worry though, controller-slingers; they say the console versions will offer a nearly identical experience.

Speaking with OXM, THQ’s communications boss Huw Beynon. said the gameplay, dynamic lighting, physics and A.I will all be the same- though the PC version will obviously have better resolutions and framerates.

“We’ve obviously been showing it to you on PC all driven through an Xbox controller, but there’s absolutely no gameplay difference between platforms,” he said. “You have an, essentially, identical gameplay experience.

“There are obviously things we can do on PC, just because this is a studio where you give them a hardware limit and they’ll expand to fill it and push it – higher resolution, slighter higher frame rate at that resolution, a few fancier lighting and graphical effects, whatever we can eke out of the very latest generation of graphics cards for PC.

“But all the fundamentals – dynamic lighting, physics and A.I. – everything that has a material impact on the game is identical across platforms.”

If you haven’t played the original Metro 2033, you really should – and considering that THQ’s pretty much giving the game away for free, you really have no excuse.

Last Updated: December 12, 2012

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