Metro Redux is terrifyingly gorgeous

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I really think 4A Games missed out on the chance to call Metro something else. Something like “Moscow Train Simulator”, because I’m pretty sure life in Mother Russia can get this difficult. Where else would the author of the books get those crazy ideas from? Not from those empty bottles of vodka next to his night stand, I promise you that.

You either love or hate both of the Metro titles, which probably means you’re going to love or hate the Redux that’s hitting shelves this week. The games are sometimes unfairly difficult, especially Metro: 2033, but this remaster could make things at least feel a little more balanced. Metro: 2033 has been spruced up with some new gameplay features that make the stealth a little more bearable, something which Last Light absolutely nailed.

So it’s a little more than just a visual upgrade, although both game do look rather stunning. The launch trailer does a good job of showing off some of the enhanced lighting and upgrade textures both games are shipping with, bringing the Metro to life in all of its terrifying detail.

There’s also a few words from other media outlets who have already been able to review Redux, with the general opinion being that it’s rather spectacular. We haven’t received our copy yet and might not for a while, so why don’t we just drool over some new screens together?

Metro: Redux is coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC this week. PC users can already get the game off Steam, with a discount for those who already own both Metro titles.

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Last Updated: August 27, 2014

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