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Michael Pachter gets his own show… seriously?

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The man is quickly becoming a cult figure in the gaming industry and Gametrailers have now seen the possibilities and have signed him up for a regular video.

The first one in the series is about the winners and losers of 2009 and honestly is really interesting to watch, obviously the man isn’t a film star so lets forgive him a little for his bad acting but the information is priceless and so are the comments on Gametrailers.

Let’s see here are some of my favourites

First up we have a special child called maronen

“Ia thia guy on payroll from Microsoft ? How about Uncharted 2 being the biggest winner ? What the f*** ???”

Well maronen since neither the biggest winner or loser were single games your point really doesn’t hold up… but yeah he’s a M$ fanboy through and through.

Or xwulfd

“What The Pacht?? who the hell goes to facebook/twitter on you consoles? unless your mom is hoggin your pc and bug you to make an account to her that doesnt even know how to use it”

Okay I have to admit I can’t even read the second one properly, btu seriously take some time to watch The Pach below it is different if nothing else.

But seriously… Pach Attack? That’s not right.

Last Updated: January 25, 2010

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