Microsoft admits flaw in the Xbox 360

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This seems like really big news that has just not hit the big guys yet.

Over at they are reporting that Microsoft has admitted to it’s Xbox 360 console damaging discs due to having a faulty DVD drive. 

After more than thousand complaints of Xbox 360 users, Microsoft has admitted Saturday night that there is a flaw in the Xbox 360. That happened in the Dutch television programme “Kassa”. The flaw causes CDs and DVDs that are spinning in the player to get damaged.

What I don’t understand is that Microsoft took the safe way by not embedding a Blu-Ray or HD-DVD in it’s console but rather went with a plain DVD drive. How can they possibly be breaking discs with a standard drive that exists in millions of computers and players world wide. I understand cost cutting but this is insane.

They go onto to say the Microsoft will do their best to help consumers but they are not replacing consoles. Personally if my discs get scratched they must fix the console and give me some new discs. Now that they have admitted to it they can’t claim ignorance anymore…

If you get any hassles from Microsoft just send them this way 🙂

Source: : Microsoft admits flaw in the Xbox 360

Last Updated: April 16, 2007

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