Microsoft cuts Xbox 360 accessory prices

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One of the biggest, and most valid, complaints against the Xbox 360 is the completely overpriced accessories for the thing.

Not only does the 360 not come with built in wireless but it costs over R1000 to add the functionality in.

So when I saw a headline this morning stating that the prices were going to be dropped I though Microsoft had finally seen the light and were going to start charging normal prices for their accessories. Unfortunately that is not the case.

While the prices have been cut they are still completely over priced.

According to Gizmodo the Australian price cuts are as follows. (old prices in brackets)

Wireless Adaptor $150 ($170)
Universal Remote $30 ($50)
120 GB HDD $200 ($230)
Wireless Steering Wheel $150 ($200)
Headset $30 ($50)

While all price drops are good I really would have liked a more realistic pricing for the Wireless Adaptor and HDD.

No news yet on whether or not our prices will follow suit.

Source: Gizmodo

Last Updated: September 1, 2008

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