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Microsoft drops the ball on Xbox One domain

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Remember when we said the new Xbox wouldn’t be called the Xbox infinity because Microsoft hadn’t registered the domain?  As Gavin said, if Microsoft was going to call it that, they would have secured the domain in advance – well, it seems that in an effort to keep the Xbox One quiet, Microsoft didn’t register domains. Now they regret it.

Both Xboxone.com and Xboxone.net have been registered by a UK resident who’s very good at guessing – because he registered the domains two years ago. Microsoft has now filed a complaint with the National Arbitration Forum to get them back.  It appears that they were so intent on keeping the Xbox One a secret that they decided not to tip their hand by registering those domains.  Now, they will have to fight it out.

It’s fairly safe to assume that they will win in court and won’t need to settle or pay off the domain-squatter – these cases are being resolved quickly and easily lately.  That said, it appears that in no way, shape or form is Microsoft master of their own domain.  

Last Updated: May 27, 2013

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