Microsoft giving gamers $100 for their PS3s

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Ps3 for xbox one

Darryn has a way of selling everything (except his virginity) when he needs to buy the latest and greatest things. However, even he has retained his old-gen consoles – mostly because Geoff talked him out of selling. Now, Microsoft wants you to trade in your old tech for new tech.

First up, the caveats – the deal is only valid at brick-and-mortar Microsoft Store locations in the US and Canada, and the PS3 (Or Xbox 360!) you trade in needs to be complete and fully functional. That said, it’s a rather interesting deal:

Visit your store, let us recycle your PS3, and get $100 of store credit towards the purchase of a new Xbox One

Aw, how generous – they’re going to recycle for you. What an environmentally friendly way to push people towards abandoning their former Sony allegiance in favor of the Xbox One. After a quick browse over on eBay, it seems that you’ll get a way better deal just selling your PS3 (and any games) that way. Plus, by selling your console to someone other than the Microsoft Store, you’ll get real money, instead of just credit towards an Xbox One.

How many people will actually take advantage of this deal? I could understand if they were accepting anything and all PS3s – plenty of people could take their tired, broken old consoles through for a trade in. However, if it needs to be complete and fully functional, why not sell it for more?

Personally, I’m hanging on to my old consoles. There are still plenty of games I need to play on there. Not that I probably will once I upgrade – I think I used my PS2 twice after getting my PS3. Maybe I’m just a technology hoarder.

Last Updated: January 31, 2014

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