Microsoft has cancelled their E3 press roundtable

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I was honestly depressed when I saw this article this morning. At the moment it feels like we are constantly bashing on the Xbox One and Microsoft and then Microsoft go and make yet another bizarre choice that makes us suspicious.

At E3 all the large gaming companies have big shows to highlight their upcoming products. These flashy marketing exercises are usually followed by a much more intimate round table event that gives the more prominent media the opportunity to ask more in-depth questions. This is the best time to find out those tricky questions that the companies may have glossed over.. you know always-on requirements, used game tax and Kinect spying on us.

Well Microsoft has now decided to cancel their planned roundtable with the media leaving us all concerned that once again Microsoft is going to ignore the core gaming market and attempt to manage the news coming out of E3.

It’s like they didn’t learn a thing from their last disastrous event.

Last Updated: June 6, 2013

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