So imagine you are working in a regional Microsoft office and you know that the Xbox One isn’t releasing this year and your largest competitor, Sony PlayStation, is releasing their newest console this year. Oh wait maybe it would be easier just to say imagine you were here in South Africa.

Anyway this story actually comes from India where the local Microsoft marketing team tried to raise excitement in the ability to get a Xbox 360 for Christmas. I won’t spoil the fun though, rather read the poster yourself.


Yes I am absolutely sure this is not a funny fake image, the morons er wonderful people behind the advertising decisions did in fact let this one go live.

However it was quickly pointed out that maybe saying you have no interested in the Xbox 360 isn’t the best message you could put out. Microsoft has now removed that advert from circulation but not in time for us not to get our giggles in.

Last Updated: September 30, 2013

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