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Microsoft Keynote – Not So Live Blog – Part 2

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He waves to get it to pick him up, waves again to go to the Kinect hub. After this it’s voice activated… it seems to work really well. This isn’t canned.

Using his hands to watch a movie, as he hovers it begins playing. Now he’s fast forwarding by moving his hands, small thumbnails who the rewind location. It’s really good… Voice activated pausing… very cool. Playing music by simply asking it to play. `then waving his hands to skip through tracks

This was all on Zune though which is dissapoiting. \Xbox Live everywhere,,, we knew it.

Windows phone 7 is getting Xbox Live.

Video Kinect… groan I find that to be corny. Laura Lollipop is demoing video Kinect. Hand movements to browse through Xbox Live and Windows Live messenger contacts. Live calling to Texas… It’s working very nicely and it’s live.

Joint watching connected to Bing.

It’s got head tracking, that;s what the motion tilt is for I guess. Video Kinect will be coming to MSN Messenger.

ESPN link up…. Not really great news for us. Sports Center presenters announcing it on stage. Very cool interface, being used with the controller though and not via Kinect. It’s got an option on the bottom asking who you are rooting for? It’s telling you how many people are rooting for your team compared to the other. It’s Kinect enabled, in a big way, all voice activated.

Real time trivia, pitting fans against fans in trivia… live score results on the bottom while you watching your game. Okay it’s awesome, pity it most probably won’t work for us.

Free for Xbox Live gold members.

Kudo Tsunoda comes onstage, he looks like Geoff.

Kinect launch games coming up. Little girl playing with a tiger real time… I stil find it strange to say the least. Kinectimals, she’s now teaching her tiger to play tricks and play catch.. She’s now hiding from it… it’;s looking for her. It is cute. She just told it to fetch a jump rope and it did. Now she’s playing jump with it… And we’re done

Kinect box art has a purple slash and a sticker that states “Requires Kinect”

Kinect Sports being announced, no Wii Sports jokes people. He’s in a stadium working up the fans. When he raises his arms they cheer, it’s actually quite cool. The more animated he gets the more they cheer. He’s been joined by a lady for hurdles. A bit of an issue where the Kinect didn’t appear to pick them up.

Some random Rare logo just popped on the screen and now it’s gone.\The games coming with boxing, table tennis, bowling… and hurdles, javelin and football.

Here comes Joyride, it seems to be very natural, well as natural as it could be. She seems to be sticking her ass out to drift and pushing her hands forward to boost. When jumping she leans forward for a forward somersault and now she turns around for a 360 in the air. That looked fun

Now we have Kinect adventures with the stupid platform game, which is now called Reflex Ridge. He’s dodging, jumping, swinging… new guy just joined in and it split to split screen. No effort. Gotta smile for the camera. I really want to play this one. Now we are seeing the action photo’s from the game…

Next adventure is river rafting in co-op. The raft seems to be bouncing of midair, they are working together to turn and jump, now they are cloud surfing, Also more photo’s. Looks like fun but may be glitchy.

Ubisoft… fitness game. Cardop coach is helping the player.. it’s all canned though. Boxing training. Your Shape – Fitness Evolved. Felicia Williams from Ubisoft demoing now. It’s picking her up as she walks into the target area. It noticed she was sweater and we saw it coming off. I doesn’t look like you need much space either. It’s being calibrated as it scans her body. The menu’s are traking her as well which is cool. She’s 5’8.

Here comes a fitness nut, Michael George, he’s excited which is no surprise ☺

They do martial arts and fitness classes ingame, plus normal training and fun games. It checks what you are doing and gives advice to improve the exercise. It also measures your rhythm Nick thought the lag was bad in the fitness training but in martial arts training it appears to be perfect. This game is going to sell by the bucketload. I want it as it looks like you may actually get a real workout at home without being able to fake it. Now we are in Tai Chi and its tracking her body to make sure she does it correct and gives scores depending on how well you do it.

Here comes MTV Dance game in conjunction with Harmonix. Dance game is being done live, lag can’t really be told with the way the game is played. But hell she looks like she is having a blast. The crowd loved that one. The game is called Dance Central. Snide remark at Dance Dance Revolution and we dance there saying it doesn’t work just stepping on mats or waving controllers. Lady Gaga, No Doubt and Beastie Boys on launch plus more coming down via Xbox Live. Dancing is being made for people like me who can’t even dance, it has a mode called break it down for 1 step learning. It’s marking him on how close he gets and the ingame crowd gets excited as he pulls off combo’s, it looks addictive as all hell. Another big seller, awesome party game.

November 4th in America with 15th launch titles. It’s fully compatible with all 40 million Xbox 360’s currently sold.

Xbox and Lucas Arts are beinging Star Wars to the Kinect, actual gameplay on screen, It looks pretty cool, I worry about the lack of feedback in a game like this. Wiimotes may still be the better option on this one. The crowd of gamer geeks are loving this though. It’s only coming in 2011 though.

Turn 10 are on stage. Forza racing using Kinect, it’s using head tracking to look around the car or around the corner. It seems to control well. He’s walking around and moving the screen to check out the car in the gallery… it’s hard to explain but it works really nicely. It’s pretty incredible how he is being tracked around and inside this car. We are told that this is the future of racing and it’s coming 2011… still not sure what exactly is coming though.

Brand new era for the Xbox 360…. New Xbox 360 announced, it’s the leaked version but it’s tiny, Built in WiFi, 250Gb HDD and about 60% the size of the last one. Whisper quiet.

New price is the same as the current price, shipping right now and should be in stores end of this week., but we get one RIGHT NOW.

That’s all for now folks, keep a look out for more news and information soon.

Last Updated: June 14, 2010


  1. Geoffrey Tim

    June 14, 2010 at 21:40

    I do not bloody well look like Kudo Tsunoda!


  2. ReAVeR

    June 14, 2010 at 22:01

    You’re right, you don’t look like him. You look like his cousin. And his brother. And his sister. And his mailman.


  3. evilredzombie

    June 15, 2010 at 07:12

    Very disappointing except for the new xbox ! whooaaa! What a slick machine.. and with wifi


  4. Q121

    June 15, 2010 at 08:11

    “Kudo Tsunoda comes onstage, he looks like Geoff.”

    They all do 😉

    Love u Geoff


  5. Fox1

    June 15, 2010 at 09:57

    All in all, an excellent job once again by MS. The show was jam packed and no time wasted babbling.


  6. eltonriley

    June 15, 2010 at 10:09

    That Kinetic show was so brilliantly scripted. M$, you guys rock. :kissing:


  7. Fox1

    June 15, 2010 at 10:26

    Scripted? LOL. :silly:

    Kinectic? What’s that? :silly:

    Kinect did glitch a few times during the show and as Nick did spot some lag too.



  8. mitas

    June 15, 2010 at 10:50

    are u the 3 fat guys in the other photo? lmfao


  9. Maxiviper

    June 15, 2010 at 14:13

    New Xbox 360 oooooooooooh yes thank god my current one broke now I can get this one.


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