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Microsoft mocks Nintendo in new Dance Central advert

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Is it just me or are the gaming companies getting more and more aggressive with their marketing at the moment and attacking each other more and more?

The latest in a long line of attacks comes from Microsoft who have decided to attack Nintendo with their latest Dance Central advert by mocking the motion capture ability of the Nintendo Wii.

However the surprising thing here really is that the biggest dancing game on the Nintendo, Just Dance, has released a Kinect version of Just Dance 3 that is a direct competitor to Dance Central.

So while this works for Microsoft and shows that the Kinect is the best option for dancing simulators it’s not maybe the best avenue to go down for Dance Central itself.

I’ve been getting it on with Just Dance 3 recently, it’s a horrifying site, and my review will be up shortly but I can tell you now that Dance Central has it’s work cut out to keep it’s crown as the king of Xbox 360 dancing games.

Last Updated: October 19, 2011

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