Microsoft nails the cheaters… Spring Update

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So have you ever wondered how certain people out there have been racking up their gamerscores amazingly fast and you just thought they had to much time on their hands to play games…

Well most of the time you are right but there is a seedier side to these achievements… Some people have been sharing their save files over the Internet. What does this mean? Well imagine me going through Crackdown and as soon as I get 499 orbs I save my game. I then send you the save and tell you where the last orb is.

You load it up get the achievement and then move onto the next one…

I have always though this completely defeats the point of playing and since I don’t put much weight in  my gamerscore I never really cared. I generally despise cheaters but not enough to actually go out and complain about this bad practice… Well it seems that some people have.

Here is the official posting on one of these cheating websites

Any gamesave coming from these ConsoleID values is now recognized as corrupt in the latest update. Which means if your on the list, saves created on your console will now only work on your console. Your transfer privledges have been revoked.
If you are (or were) a member of 360gamesaves and uploaded any gamesaves, please check the forums for more information on determining if your ConsoleID has been “revoked”. If your ConsoleID is not in the list but you have uploaded a gamesave recently and wish it to be removed from the site please PM a forum admin.

So it looks like Microsoft sneakily stopped this practice without any warning. This is the same reason you should not chip your Xbox’s people. You never know which update is going to ruin all your fun.

I say congratulations Microsoft for trying to keep the gaming clean and fun…. and you will notice they are getting no link love from me…

Source: 360GameSaves: – News (www . 360gamesaves . com)

Last Updated: May 11, 2007

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