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Microsoft rejects Germany and Japan

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Microsoft shocked the gaming industry late yesterday afternoon with their announcement that they will not be attending Gamescom in Germany or TGS in Japan this year but rather will be focussing on smaller local events.

This is a massive blow to Gamescom after both Sega and Nintendo earlier announced they won’t be going leaving the worlds biggest gaming event solely in the hands of Sony from a hardware perspective.

More importantly however is that this change from Microsoft is going to affect smaller regions, like ours, quite severely as our local Microsoft offices haven’t shown much desire to include the local press in events or to put up the finances to keep us in the loop.

That is unless we cc them in every tweet and tell everyone how awesome their incredibly crap titles are…

Okay side note, seriously check some local sites and see if you can spot who gave some of Microsoft’s terrible XBLA titles ridiculously high scores.. it boils my blood. It’s not some conspiracy it’s just a severe lack of professionalism in parts of our local industry.

End of site note…

What was I saying again…

Oh yes, Microsoft’s announcement is not being taken well by the gaming media who have jumped on the bandwagon of pointing out that since Microsoft has no games anyway it doesn’t make any sense to target these gaming shows.

It’s a valid point and Microsoft has previously stated that it is aiming to be an entertainment hub rather than a games console but yet do you think Microsoft realise that Sony offers nearly all the same entertainment options in the US and outside of the US the Xbox 360 is nothing but a gaming console. So screwing us over isn’t the best move in my humble opinion.

Is this the beginning of the end for the Xbox division in Microsoft are these overhyped gaming exhibitions not worth the expense anymore. I mean really did anyone get excited about E3 this year?

Last Updated: June 15, 2012

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