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Microsoft renewing focus on PC gamers

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Maybe it’s because of the upcoming console launches, but the majority of attention has been on console gamers lately. Now Microsofts wants PC gamers to know that the company hasn’t forgotten the master race – they might even be giving you the core first-party games.

Phil Spencer admitted that Microsoft went astray when it came to PC:

I think it’s fair to say that we’ve lost our way a bit in supporting Windows games, but we’re back.

He went on to tout the idea of “One Microsoft” and that the company is looking to become a first-party gaming studio not just for console, but across devices. Speaking of multi-devices, Spencer says that consumers expect services to work everywhere, which is the goal for Microsoft, too.

If you think about a service like Spotify or Netflix, you expect that service to work on any device you have. For some games, it will be similar. I just want to have an Xbox Live account and it works on my phone, on my console, and my Windows machine. And then I’ll be able to access my content in a screen-appropriate way.

I like the sound of that. It is all Microsoft, the products should simply work on a phone, tablet, PC or console. Of course functionality will shift, but it’s good to see them moving in that direction.

In a separate interview, Spencer also commended Valve on their contribution to PC gaming:

They’ve done a great job of keeping the PC ecosystem strong at a time where I don’t mind saying that we could have been more focused on what was going on in PC gaming. We were probably too focused purely on console. With Steam, [Valve has] done an amazing job of building this thing that, in a lot of ways, we should have been building as well at Microsoft.

What could this mean for PC gamers going forward? Are we going to see Xbox One “exclusives” all coming to PC? We already know Titanfall is coming to PC, what about other Xbox One products? I hope that this leads to a renaissance for PC gamers – despite calling themselves the master race, they certainly have been neglected in some way by everyone other than Valve.

Last Updated: November 7, 2013

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