Microsoft responds to Local Xbox Live Requests

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Last week I posted an article about the current lack of official Xbox Live support in South Africa and asked the question of Microsoft when we would be getting Live locally.

Well the answers have arrived and they are not good.

In short we are not getting Live anytime soon.

Basically the official stance from Microsoft is that they have nothing further to announce in regards to Xbox Live locally at this time. Which to be honest is a better idea than the previous excuses that we have been given.

To quote John Press, Product Marketing Manager – Entertainment Devices (what is with Microsoft and these titles)

"The launch of Live is unfortunately still not confirmed for SA and at this point no further announcements with regard to the launch are being made . “

Short sweet and to the point. In related news I have spoken with John about this on numerous occasions and I can promise you that if it was up to him we would have Live already, unfortunately someone at Redmond doesn’t think that we are next in line and until we convince the faceless corporation then we are not going anywhere.

But don’t let that stop you from continuously harassing every Microsoft employee you ever meet.

Our best shot at the moment is to annoy them into giving us Live support.

Last Updated: February 17, 2009

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