Microsoft rushed Xbox 360 and Sony had to price drop PS3

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Phill Harrison has been talking about all things console related and how the Gameboy name is now possibly dead.

He also gives us his insights into his opinions on Microsoft and Sony.


I don’t think they had any choice.” ….. “it’s pretty soon after launch to be dropping your price.

Yeah it may be soon but Nintendo had to drop the Gamecube price even quicker in the last generation so I don’t think he should be so high and mighty…

Microsoft, because they rushed it…

It’s (Hardware failures) a stunning admission; it’s more than a billion dollars.

There is no real argument there, the Nintendo is the most stable system ever.

However rushing the 360 to market seems to have worked for Microsoft, they are still outselling the PS3 worldwide and are now moving into the third generation of games… Sony is still struggling to get to the second…

Link to Nintendo’s Harrison: Microsoft rushed Xbox 360 and Sony had to price drop PS3 – Joystiq

Last Updated: July 24, 2007

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