Microsoft slashes 5000 jobs

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We posted a little while back on the rumour that Microsoft may be slashing 15 000 jobs. At that time I did say that I found it to be highly unlikely and while job cuts were likely, I expected it to be far fewer and closer to the 9000 mark.

Well it seems that I was overly pessimistic, as overnight Microsoft has announced that it will be cutting 5000 jobs due to the economic downturn. Most of these jobs will be in the R&D, Marketing, sales and human resource departments.

So will this affect us gamers? Well possibly, but not in this generation. The cuts in the R&D department may mean that the next version of the Xbox is going to be delayed – especially with the current console doing well in the market and the obvious cuts in spending by the technical giant from Redmond.


Last Updated: January 23, 2009

Gavin Mannion

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