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Microsoft to offer trade in on Premium

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Xbox 360 Elite

The rumours are starting…. Will Microsoft offer a special trade in on your old Xbox 360 Premium for the new Xbox 360 Elite?

It does seem to make sense as they did something similar on the Xbox original when they changed the controllers. How much of a trade in can be expected realistically though.

Someone who purchased a premium on Launch day paid R3699 for it but that was 7 months ago now and it is virtually out of warranty. So if Microsoft offer R2500 would that be a good deal? What about the people who just got one last month would they get more. Why not just lie then?

We are just going to have to wait and see now, unless I get offered the full amount for mine I have no intention of upgrading though. I prefer the white console.

I called Gamestop today to see what kind of value I would get for my Prem 360 and the manager told me that they would have to see it in person, of course we all know that, but after talking to him about the elite he said that corporate had sent a memo stating that MS was working on a special Trade in for existing 360 owners to get the Elite. Im guessing there is alot of truth to the statement due to all the negative feedback from the gaming community.
That would make things alot better if they did.

Source: Xbox.com | General Discussion – MS Considering Special Trade In for Elite

Last Updated: April 3, 2007

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