Microsoft wants you to care about SmartGlass

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Microsoft unveiled its SmartGlass technology – whereby you can use a tablet you already own to interact with games on films on your Xbox or Windows 8 PC  – at E3 last year. Though obviously a stab at the Wii U’s second touch-screen tactic, it’s an interesting bit of tech…that close to nobody actually uses, or even cares about. Microsoft wants to change that.

Microsoft’s released a series of videos on its Xbox YouTube channel demonstrating SmartGlass – and why you should care.

Here’s a video of how Ascend: New Gods uses SmartGlass for nifty things like maps, inventory and stats.

Here’s another vide, showing how you can use SmartGlass to control your Xbox, even using it to search for content. Hooray!

Here’s yet another video, showing perhaps SmartGlass’ most interesting feature – by making all of the bonus content material you’d usually get on a Blu-ray or special edition DVD a little more interactive.

I think SmartGlass could potentially be used to augment games and films – but it has one major drawback. Until it’s available, out of the box, for just about every new game or feature film nobody is likely to give a damn. The list of games it works with right now, nearly a year after it was shown off, is pitifully low – and even within those games it doesn’t really do anything you couldn’t just do within a menu.

I can’t honestly say that it’s a feature I use too much, because right now its application is just too limited. Do any of you use SmartGlass much?

Last Updated: February 26, 2013

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