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Microsoft will invest $1 Billion in exclusive titles

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Microsoft may have felt a backlash from core gamers over it’s Xbox One service reveal but according to an interview with OXM us gamers really do have nothing to worry about and we’ve not been forgotten.

Microsoft did announce at the event that they are going to release 15 exclusives for the Xbox One that include 8 new IP’s but they didn’t go into any further detail than that. But now they have.

Not only are they releasing 15 exclusives but they are releasing all 15 in the first year of retail with all 8 of those new IP’s hitting in the first 12 months. Microsoft has invested around a billion dollars into these exclusives and is even calling some of them AAAA titles.

Obviously Forza 5 is one of those 15 and is hotly anticipated by racing fans, the other reveal was for Quantum Break which is a brand new IP. But with nothing really shown about the game we can’t begin to judge it.

But what will the other 13 titles be? I can’t believe Halo won’t be one or that another Gears of War isn’t in the works.

So what are the other 6 exclusive titles that aren’t a brand new IP, anyone have any guesses?

Last Updated: May 30, 2013

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