Microsoft's New Motion Device In Action?

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As most of you know, there is a lot of talk going around about the new motion device that Microsoft is going to unveil at E3, this after they said that it would change the way that we think about gaming, and that babies would be illness free for the rest of eternity.

The thing is that Microsoft bought the company 3DV that is developing the device, and we just happen to have found a video of 3DV showing off a very similar device at CES 2008.

More information about the device, after the jump.

What makes it special is that it not only detects horizontal and vertical movement, but depth as well, and if you want to see how that works out when applied to gaming, check the video above.

It will be interesting to see what Microsoft has planned for such a device and whether or not the world is even willing to look past the mighty Nintendo Wii, which has already rooted itself pretty deeply in casual gaming market.

Source: NeoCrisis

Last Updated: May 18, 2009

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