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Minecraft 1.18 Download – Updated June 2022

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Are you looking for the Minecraft 1.18 download?

You can use this link here on Google Play.

The latest version was released on 21 June 2022. Currently, Minecraft is on version 1.18.32. Published by Microsoft, and created by Mojang Studios, this version currently has over 10 million downloads, and 4.63 million reviews as of July 2022.

About Minecraft 1.18

You can go off and explore incredible worlds and construct everything you can possibly imagine from the most basic of homes to castles that would even wow royalty. It is possible to play in creative mode to let your imagination run wild with unlimited resources, or you can have more of a challenge by mining deep into the world in what is known as survival mode, by creating weapons to scare off enemies. You can play alone, or with friends if you so choose.

Expand the Minecraft 1.18 Download

Have a look around the marketplace to acquire different maps, skins, and texture packs for your Minecraft 1.18 download. More info here.

Source – IMDB

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Last Updated: June 24, 2022

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