Minecraft continues to be the most watched game on YouTube

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You know where’s the first place I (and I’m sure many others) go when bored? YouTube obviously. It’s a giant rabbit hole filled to the brim with videos ranging from “hmmm that was rather informative and illuminating” to “OH GOD WHY AM I WATCHING WHAT DARRYN RECOMMENDED”. I try my best to stay away from the latter, opting to watch videos relating mostly to gaming instead. One game I never watch? Minecraft. I’m part of the minority it seems, because it garners billions of views each month, and topples other titles completely.

This is according to Newzoo – a website that has been tracking YouTube statistics. Here are the top 20 gaming franchises based on their views, for the month of March (via Game Informer):

1. Minecraft: 3.934 billion
2. Grand Theft Auto: 1.393 billion
3. Five Nights At Freddy’s: 1.273 billion
4. Call of Duty: 851 million
5. FIFA: 770 million
6. Garry’s Mod: 690 million
7. League of Legends: 667 million
8. Mario: 547 million
9. Counter-Strike: 362 million
10. Dota 2: 282 million
11. Clash of Clans: 259 million
12. Battlefield: 177 million
13. Just Dance: 169 million
14. ARMA: 156 million
15. World of Tanks: 134 million
16. DayZ: 134 million
17. Team Fortress: 131 million
18. Halo: 127 million
19. Mortal Kombat: 123 million
20. Destiny: 118 million

Minecraft nearly triples the views of Grand Theft Auto, which to me, is simply mindboggling. I loved playing the blocky game, but I really don’t get why it is that popular. I wonder how long it will hold that top position for, because as things are now, it doesn’t look like it will ever be overtaken.

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I would also like to draw attention to Clash of Clans which currently sits at position 11. People actually watch videos about that game? I also find Five Nights At Freddy’s sitting all the way up at 3rd place surprising. I guess people really dig watching others swiping their credit card, or jumping out of their seats.

Otherwise, the list looks pretty much how I’d expect it to. I’d be interested to see what the overall hits count is for each game though. If Minecraft is still garnering billions of views each month, how much has it accumulated since its launch? Now that is a scary to think about!

Last Updated: April 23, 2015

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