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Minecraft is practically glowing with these new squids

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Ever been underneath the water in Minecraft? Odds are, you’ve managed to dunk yourself under, either on purpose or by accident, only to discover that underwater… well, it sucks. It’s dark, it’s boring and given the incredible spread of diversity across the game’s other biomes, it really needs an improvement. Which fortunately is exactly what the Caves and Cliffs update is bringing to the table; well, it’s certainly part of the update’s improvements. Committed Minecraft players have already sampled how developer Mojang intends to spice up the seas with some glowing squid.

These glowing squids will provide a source of light when you’re submerged, which should actually look rather pretty in the desolate darkness of the ocean. Better yet, these creatures can be slain to harvest glow ink which can be used to make signs and to craft a glow item frame. If the ink doesn’t scratch your itch for some glow in your life, you could also farm the new lichen that will be added in the update. Use some shears to cut it out of the water and you’ll be able to mix it with bonemeal to create a spreadable paste. That way, you can make any block you want glow.


While this is all well and good for the average Minecraft Java Edition player, the emphasis on light creating sources feels very much in line with what Mojang is trying to do with the RTX version of Minecraft. If you’re going all in on a lighting system, you might as well add as many kinds of light as possible, right?

Last Updated: January 21, 2021

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