Mobile MOBA Vainglory gets a release date

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Remember I told you about that mobile MOBA called Vainglory many moons ago? I’ve had my eye on it simply because it’s being developed by ex Riot and Blizzard employees. I have hopes of it being a decent and well conceived mobile title, and I will find out if it is soon enough. The game finally has a release date.

According to Super Evil Mega Corp, the developers, the game is just a few short days away, at least for everywhere but Asian markets (via their blog)

– Europe: Thursday, Nov. 13
– North America, South America, Middle East and Africa: Tuesday, Nov. 18
– China, Japan and Korea: We are taking some extra time to get the localization for these countries right. Launch date to be announced later.

I’m so happy to see that Africa is on that list! I will be getting it for sure. I just hope the experience is lag-free or at least not game-breaking.

Unless I read the initial announcement wrong, I thought the title was only going to be available on iPads (2 and up) and the new iPhone 6 (the default and large version). Apparently iPhone 5s is also supported, which makes me happy because that is what I am currently using (I already foresee the hipster comments from you all).

At launch, Vainglory will run on the iPad 2 and above, as well as iPhone 5s and above. Because of the competitive nature of the game (and for the smoothest experience), we do recommend you play on the largest possible screen and the newest possible device available to you. Please note that Vainglory for iPad and Vainglory for iPhone will be two separate apps in the App Store. This is necessary to continue to support older OpenGL devices on iPad (iPad 2 and above), while only supporting iPhones with Apple’s Metal technology (iPhone 5s and above).

Once I’ve had some time with the title, I’ll definitely let you know if it’s worth your time or not. Will you be getting it? Does the idea of a MOBA in your pocket appeal to you? Here’s the official trailer to remind you what the game is all about and how ridiculous you’ll look playing it.

Last Updated: November 10, 2014

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