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Mobile phone gaming just got dual-shocked

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Klip on, kilp off, my young padawans...

You know, as much as I love playing a game on my imaginary smartphone that has yet to arrive, I have to admit, the controls suck. Trying to execute a tricky move or kill usually requires the grace of a dandy antelope, but my attempts usually resemble a quadriplegic trying to take part in a boxing match. It’s ugly, is what I’m saying. But now, some salvation, is quite literally, at hand.

For around $15-$23, depending on your phone model and whether or not you want more wires in your life, you can get yourself the GameKlip, a small rig that allows you to use a PS3 Dual Shock controller on your Android device.

Sure, there are other controllers on the market for phones, but nothing beats a first-party controller when it comes to gaming. Well, with an exception here and there of course. It’s cheap, affordable and takes advantage of what we already have, and I actually want one for myself now. How about you guys, would you buy something like this for some mobile gaming, or do you prefer thumbing about with the virtual D-pad?

Last Updated: August 8, 2012

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