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Mobster themed strategy game Empire of Sin releases this December

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There’s a grand fondness to making a game about mobsters and crime-lords. While the genre has become a staple of award-winning, highly-rated films (at least, if you ask The Academy) mobsters have never really taken off in video games. Sure, there was the Mafia series and they were pretty cool but like… where are all the dudes in pinstripe suits firing Tommy Guns into shop windows? It’s a realm of history that neatly lends itself to video games so it’s very exciting to see legendary video game designer John Romero, he who co-created the original Doom and who still has fantastic hair, working with his wife Brenda to bring Empire of Sin to audiences who are desperate to both swim with the fishes and “fuggeda boudit”.

Empire of Sin, which we’ve written about in the past, is a strategy game set within 1920’s Prohibition-era Chicago and will see the player attempt to take over the city as they become a crime-lord. It looks cool, slick and most importantly we finally know when it’s releasing. It was meant to drop earlier this year but given the state of… well, everything it was delayed until the end of the year with no specifics. Fortunately, we now know that Empire of Sin drops on 1 Decemeber 2020 and will be playable on Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch. No next-gen ports of the game just yet unfortunately.


Empire of Sin seems to be placing a great deal of emphasis on player choice and consequences as the road to total dominance is completely up to you. Whether you negotiate with other bosses, trade on the black market or simply gun down every goon and schmuck that stands in your way, the climb to the top of the pecking order will be long and arduous. It looks like a damn good time and one that’s at least worth paying a little attention if you’re looking at all those next-gen games and screaming about being broke as hell.

Last Updated: September 18, 2020

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