Modern Warfare 2 Pricing And Prestige Editions In South Africa – We Have Some Good News

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Earlier this week we posted up the story that Modern Warfare 2 looks to have its UK price set ridiculously high and that we all hoped that the problems abroad wouldn’t affect the South African prices as well.

We promptly contacted Megarom, the the local suppliers of all things Activision for a comment on local pricing as well as any sort of information we could gather on the Prestige Editions and their future availability.

Well they have responded and I am happy to report that we have some good news.

When asked specifically about whether or not the UK price hike would affect South African prices, Megarom responded stating that “all looks stable at this point” and also confirmed that the issues in the UK will not affect our pricing.

Great news then, but what about the Prestige Editions, will we be getting them in the country as well? According to Megarom we will definitely be getting a decent amount of them into South Africa, although there are no solid numbers or pricing details available just yet.

With Modern Warfare 2 looking so good, I am happy to see that I will no longer have to sell off some of our family pets just to make sure that I can afford it.

Last Updated: July 22, 2009

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