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Modern Warfare 2 – The War on Drugs

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I was over at www.modernwarfare2.com trying to see if I could get some insight into what MW2 was going to be about when I spotted the above picture.

I hate underwater stages in every single game that I have ever played so this doesn’t fill me with confidence at all. The whole point of an underwater stage is to demonstrate how useless we are as a species when taken of dry land, and I for one don’t enjoy my inferiority being pointed out so blatantly.

However I did see some other things that are more interesting.

Jesus Modern Warefare 2My first guess as to where MW2 is going to be situated is South America and specifically Brazil due to the spotting of the “Christ the Redeemer” statue in the trailer and being pretty sure that Infinity Ward are not getting themselves mixed up in a holy way simulator.

So if we are going to be in Brazil then the next leap of faith is pretty straight forward, as far as I am aware Brazil doesn’t have any mortal enemies around it and thus setting up a fake conflict may be difficult, but they do have a severe problem with drug dealers in their Favela’s (townships, slums).

The drug lords commandeer entire areas within the Favela where the police and local government are not allowed to enter. This is where you step in to try and help the Brazilian government neutralise a particularly powerful drug dealer… You chase him out of the Favela and then in your subsequent hunt you will be visiting an oil rig, airport, battle ship and submarine where the final face off will occur.

So that’s it, my guess in a nutshell and if I am wrong I am more than happy to discuss with Infinity Ward what they can do to improve their next game because I think this idea sounds awesome.

I am truly looking forward to fighting baddies in the cramped and confined spaces of a favela…

Have you spotted anything that doesn’t fit into my scenario in the trailer or do you have an idea of your own that you want to share?

Last Updated: March 30, 2009

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