Modern Warfare 2 Title Update Coming, Promises to Be Big

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Spawncamper Infinity Ward’s community manager Robert Bowling has let the world know, via Twitter – of course – that Modern Warfare 2 will soon be receiving its first title update – and that’s it to be a a “Big one” There’s been no word on just what the patch will address, fix, add or even when it’s expected – all that’s been revealed is is this :

“First title update will be a big one. We’ve been taking notes since release and working. I’ll post details before it ships.”

My gripes extend more to human nature than the game itself – Spawn campers should all die horrible deaths. Preferably involving fire. Other than the extreme martyrdom afforded by the Javelin glitch, what Modern Warfare 2 annoyances would you like addressed by the title update?

Source : Twitter

Last Updated: December 3, 2009

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