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Monday Morning Madness–BF3 vs MW3

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It’s the beginning of the week and no one is more upset about that than I am, I didn’t get to play nearly enough games this weekend and now I’m stuck here working while my level 16 soldier is sitting in stasis waiting for me to take him back into Sledge’s lair.

Yes I’m finally getting into Borderlands and am currently horribly hooked and completely overpowered… but that’s not what I want to speak about this morning. No I want to flash back to the big argument last year and now that the DLC has landed and many other games have appeared I wanted to know how many of you are still playing Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3?

The biggest milking complaints against the Call of Duty series are the overpriced map packs and now that EA has joined the party with the Battlefield 3 map packs I thought it would be interesting, and a great way to avoid actually working, to have a quick chat about the DLC and the games.

So who’s still playing them and was the DLC worth the expense or do you feel a little bit used by the corporate machines that are Activision and EA Games oh and if you are still playing what platform are you on and are the servers busy?

I personally haven’t put either into the consoles since early January and really have very little desire to return now and be totally dominated by experienced players who haven’t stopped to go potty since November.

Last Updated: March 19, 2012

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