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Morally Devoid Scum Steals Consoles From Cancer-Stricken Children – Games Industry Responds

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This time of year sees an increase in criminal activity, because even the morally bankrupt want a nice Christmas. It’s reprehensible that in their pursuit of yuletide joy, they ruin the season’s good tidings for others.

One such douchebag went so far as to break in to at Carolinas Medical Center and steal consoles that children with cancer use while undergoing treatment. what kind of asshole does that? He’s obviously not only a deplorable dickhead, but and idiot too; what sort of criminal looks directly in to the security camera?

“We are definitely making every attempt to get these gaming systems back to the young patients at Carolinas Medical Center so that they won’t be deprived much longer from playing their favorite video game while enduring treatment for their illnesses,” officers said about the theft.

“You really have to wonder about somebody who would take something from kids who are really having a tough time," said Kevin McCarthy, spokesman for Carolinas HealthCare System. “This helps give them a little comfort while they’re going through the treatment."

Thankfully, the videogame industry has responded in a most heart-warming manner; and even though it’s likely intended to be good publicity, the result is the same.

"This story really struck us at EA. We can’t believe someone would do this right before Christmas and victimize kids recovering from cancer no less. We’ve made contact with the hospital and EA’s going to step up to replace the Carolinas Medical Center’s consoles before Christmas and hook them up with new games as well. Hopefully this will brighten up the kids’ holidays. Thanks for bringing this story to the attention of the industry."

Microsoft’s Halo Waypoint team will also be sending a care package  as well.

I hope the thief gets his own “care package,” via bubba’s repeated thrustings.

Source : Kotaku

Last Updated: December 13, 2010

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