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Alan Wake was a game that had been in development for over five years before it was released. But all those years of toil and hard work paid off, as the story of a writer who had to battle against dark forces, became one of the best games of 2010, as it combined some unique, intuitive gameplay with a suspense-filled story.

Since it’s release, fans have been treated to some more DLC which continued the adventures of the cursed novelist, but plans for a sequel have been under tight wraps from developer Remedy Entertainment, leaving many a fan to guess as to what is next for the popular title.

Well guess no more,as it seems that our next foray into the world of Alan Wake will be through a downloadable game, the eerily-titled Alan Wake’s Night Springs.

A screenshot of the opening menu from XBLA Fans confirms the title of the next Wake game, which looks set to introduce even more episodic content regarding the continuing battles of Alan Wake.

What’s interesting however, judging by the screenshot, is the option for players to access a mode that is called “Arcade Action”. It looks like we could be set for challenges that are set to be more action-orientated, while an additional option of “Unlock full game”, grounds it firmly in the universe of the first title and its digital offspring.

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An episodic addition to a game that took inspiration from classic TV shows such as the Outer Limits and the Twilight Zone? Sounds like something that will keep fans awake for quite a few more hours.

Expect more news regarding the future of the franchise at this years Spike Video Game Awards.

Last Updated: November 4, 2011

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