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More Crackdown 2 Information – Why so many freaks?

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I have made no secret of my Crackdown 2 worries, the zombie, freak, monster things don’t do it for me and I felt it was a sad departure from the first game.

Well the lead designer, Steve Iannetta, has been chatting to Joystiq and has explained the presence of the freaks in the game

“Well “The Freaks” were from the first game. The Shi-Gen – once you killed the boss — you unleashed the freaks into the world. Basically it’s a continuation of that”

He then goes on to say

“It’s ten years later and because of your actions you’ve turned the city into, basically, a living hell. Nighttime is just “freak” time. You can’t go out at night. Daytime civilians are scurrying about trying to get themselves the necessities of life and when it comes to dusk you’ll see them scuttling home.”

Okay I have to admit that his reasoning for the freaks eases a few of my fears for the game but I am still hesitant, let us hope that they don’t become the be all and end all of the game and we can still concentrate on what Crackdown is all about.

Orbs and throwing cars from tall buildings.

Source: Joystiq

Last Updated: October 20, 2009

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