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More details around the alleged dodgy dealings at EA

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Yesterday I posted an article about the new lawsuit being levelled against EA and now some more juicy details have emerged. While I’m definitely no lawyer I have to say this is really starting to look suspicious.

You can browse through the official lawsuit her,e but the part that is most suspicious has been highlighted by Gamespot –  and here it is. This image showcases what shares were sold by leading EA executives a few weeks prior to the release of Battlefield 4.


In summary a group of 5 EA employees dumped over $4.8 million worth of stock over a period of just three weeks. Now the lawyers are claiming that this was done because these guys knew that Battlefield 4 had some serious issues and were dumping stock before the stock price started dropping.

But if we take a little look back then this case starts to look a little weak. At the time of writing the EA share price is sitting at $23.44 which is only $3 less than when the executives sold their stock and $3 is a lot when you are talking huge sales…but what if we look further back?

Back in January this year the stock price was sitting at a less than exciting $14.88 and back in July last year it was even worse at $11.41. So as smart business people is it really suspicious that they sold a lot of stock while the price was higher than it has ever been in the last 5 years.

To me, though this doesn’t show anything other than a couple of people cashing out at the top of the ride and nothing to do with the problems that Battlefield 4 is currently experiencing.

Last Updated: December 20, 2013

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