We posted up some leaked GTA V footage yesterday and the response from the web was incredible, it seems that your thirst for any and all GTA information just cannot be quenched.

So today I’ve found a bunch of Vine videos which showcase a few seconds of video each, but if you just leave it to play it will automatically move onto the next clip and you can sit back and watch seconds of GTA V footage in comfort.

Now this is a bit complicated to get them working, if you want to view them easily we recommend you head on over to Vinebox where they work nicely, but for those who can’t for some reason then this is how it works.

You see the image below, right click it and select play. Each one is about 6 seconds long.

GTA V Radio

The City from up high


Getting Busted By The Cops

Your in game phone

Now remember you need to right click the image and click play, sorry Mac users… okay not really.
And don’t forget Vinebox has an absolute ton of extra videos through this link
Now who’s excited for Tuesday?

Last Updated: September 13, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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