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There’s a wealth of great gaming to be had this year, if respectable publications are to be believed – but there’s one game above all that I’m aching for this year, and it’s CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher 3. There’s a rather extensive interview with the developers over at IGN that contains a bunch of new information that has me even more excited.

Firstly, those who haven’t played previous games featuring the most badass Geralt of Rivia needn’t worry – they’ll be able to jump right in and enjoy the game without getting completely lost in the narrative.

“People do not need to play The Witcher 1 or 2 before they jump into Wild Hunt; it’s perfectly fine. The game has a great introduction that will make them feel right at home, and we’re working really hard to communicate this fact,” CD Projekt co-founder Marcin Iwinski told IGN.

There are many – myself included – who’re worried that the game’s new open-world focus will dilute the story, or that the quests will devolve in to mindless fetch-quests. They’re doing all they can to stop that from happening. You’ll spend 50 hours, they say, on just the main story, and an additional 70 hours on side missions – so they’d better not be dull.

“In The Witcher 3,”  Iwiniski asserts, “you won’t have generic Fed Ex-like quests where you have to go here, fetch something, and then deliver it to someone else. Of course, you will have orders or side-quests to kill beasts, but we’re trying to put a unique spin on every single quest. We want to make the story meaningful, but at the same time, if you wish you explore the game world at your own pace, it will be possible to do so.”

And for those who felt the Witcher 2’s more cerebral combat let the game down, there has been a change to the combat, which has – like many games – been inspired in part by Arkham’s rhythmic pugilism.

“We’re definitely looking at a more fluid combat system with Wild Hunt, where attacking an enemy feels more natural and smooth, unlike older games where you had to lock onto enemies constantly. What we saw in Batman: Arkham Asylum is a very cool system, and I don’t want to draw any comparisons, but that’s definitely part of the motivation for us”

That doesn’t mean that combat is getting dumbed down though, as Geralt will still need different swords and other amenities to tackle different evil beasties, plus all the alchemy and crafting you can point a stick at.

In the same interview, Iwiniski said they’re close to maxing out the PS4 and Xbox One on the knowledge they have now (new tricks and techniques always pop up, allowing developers to do more) but there’s one bit thrown in for PC gamers. When asked what sort of system would be needed to run the game at max, Inwinski replied:

“We’ll be releasing that information soon, but you can already start saving up for an upgrade.”

The Witcher 2, when it first released on PC used Ubersampling that brought most systems to their knees. I suspect The Witcher 3 will do the same. And I can’t wait.

Read the whole 3 page interview on IGN, here.

Last Updated: January 23, 2014

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