Morpheus isn’t a peripheral, it’s a platform says Sony

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Virtual Reality is all the rage right now, offering entirely new gaming experiences – but its success hinges on how much people will be willing to throw down for the privilege. Each system that’ll be bringing in a digitised hyper-reality is going to cost quite a bit of cash; an awful lot of money for mere peripherals. Only the Morpheus, Sony’s new VR headset isn’t a peripheral. It’s a platform unto itself.

“VR for us, it’s not a peripheral,” Sony of America’s Shawn Layden told Forbes in an interview (via VRfocus). “It’s not a, ‘here’s the latest way to interact with the game’ thing. It’s a platform. It has the ability to impact gaming the same way that smart phones [changed] cell phones… before it was ‘I can talk to a person, I can text a person, what more do I need?’”

“But then the smart phone came out and it’s like, wow, I can do all that in my hand? I think Morpheus is going to have a similar impact on gaming or entertainment consumption.”

While most of us are focused on the gaming aspects of VR, Layden believes it’ll have broader appeal.

“This thing about VR is that it is like nothing we’ve experienced before, and because that’s true, everyone’s trying to come at it with as fresh a pair of eyes as possible. How do I take this known 2D reality and swing it into a full VR experience?” he asked.

While gamers are likely to be the early adopters, linear content producers want to jump in on Virtual Reality too, opening it up for mainstream appeal.

“If I have this technology what could I make happen? Now I think the entry point for VR is going to be from the gaming community, because [gamers] are accustomed to being on the bleeding edge and trying new things… [But] the more linear content folks, they want to get into this thing seriously.

We have dozens, if not hundreds, of inquiries coming in from TV production houses, movie studios, record companies, sports arenas, museums, scientific and aerospace organizations, all coming to look at this technology and how it can speak to them. I think over time, the non-gaming applications of VR are really going to explode and perhaps even be larger than the gaming piece.”

I don’t quite buy it. If it plugs in to a PS4 and costs money, it’s a peripheral. It is, admittedly, quite a nice one. We’ve all gone eye-balls on with the Morpheus and walked away impressed...even those of us who want to vomit when we play first person games.

Last Updated: June 29, 2015

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