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Mortal Kombat 11 is getting new story DLC

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Mortal Kombat 11 DLC

There’s a lot that Mortal Kombat 11 got just right, from gratuitous violence to anatomical lessons that convinced me that we’re all just a single uppercut away from being turned into a meatshake, but there’s one other feather that it can add to its bloody cap: Its brilliant story. Fighting games are often given the short end of the stick when it comes to a decent narrative, but Mortal Kombat 11 went beyond the realm of acceptable and into damn that’s good territory with a story that made perfect sense for every punch that was thrown and head Australian scrotum caved in with an almighty blow.

An end to a long-running saga and a beginning to something new, Mortal Kombat 11’s tale is chunky and satisfying stuff to sink your teeth into. You might want to clear some room in your gut though because the story ain’t over just yet. PlayStation Brazil has possibly jumped the gun, revealing that new story DLC is on the way in a very brief teaser where a now mortal Raiden reveals that trouble is brewing. Trouble in the form of Outworld sorcerer Shang Tsung, back from the dead and ready to throw down with the former Thunder God and the newly empowered Liu Kang:

Update: Here’s the English trailer!

More details are apparently coming tomorrow. Let the summer of gaming, begin. Also, if this announcement doesn’t mention a game of the year Komplete Edition of Mortal Kombat 11 with all the extra downloadable kharacters, I’ll eat my own keyboard C-key.

Last Updated: May 5, 2020

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