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Mortal Kombat Guide: Part 1 of 2

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[Guest review by Darryn Bonthuys]

Struggling to finish arcade mode? Wish you knew all the fatalities so that you could show those mean nerds a thing or two? Well look no further, as part one of the Mortal Kombat Guide begins here! Hit the jump and get ready to satisfy all your bloodthirsty needs you little sadists!

Note: On performing Babalities

Is all the blood and gore getting too much for you, prompting you to shout at younger players “You weren’t there man!”, then fear not! Babalities are back, and every character has them, even Shao Kahn. In order to perform a Babality, players may not block in their final, winning round, and the move must be performed from a jump distance.

L Left
R Right
D Down
U Up

Face buttons are in the order of Xbox 360 first, then Playstation 3. Remember, some fatalities need to be performed from a distance, so practice first in fatality tutorial to get the setup right.


The Tarkatan wolverine of the franchise, Baraka has always been a favourite with fans since his debut way back in MK2. When playing as Baraka, it’s generally a good idea to play up close and personal with an opponent, as his projectile attacks leave much to be desired. His X-Ray attack is also especially useful when combined with a combo, causing massive damage, and can also be used to catch players who like to jump away.


Up the middle: L R D R X/Square
Take a spin: R R D D A/ X
Unlock location: Hollow 04
Stage fatality: D D D D A/ X

Cyber Sub-Zero

He’s a ninja, a cyborg and he can freeze your ass. This fight was over before it even began. Cyber Sub-zero keeps the freeze and ice slide attacks, but loses the ice-clone attack in the process. A handy freeze attack which can be thrown from various distances and a new teleport ability make up for this though, allowing for Cyber Sub-Zero to set up juggle combos far more easily.


Kold Fusion: D L D R X / Square
Brain Freeze: D D L D X / Square
Unlock location: Blood-Marsh 63
Stage Fatality: D D U BLOCK
Babality: D L R BLOCK


The Scorpion replacement from way back in Mortal Kombat 3 is back, this time sporting both human and cyborg duds. Cyrax plays especially effective when setting up characters for juggle combos, thanks to his bomb and net attacks, while his teleport and buzzsaw attacks give him a decent close quarters attack repertoire.


Buzz Kill: R D R L Y/Triangle
Nothing But Net: L D L R X / Square
Unlock location: Deadlands 120
Stage Fatality: D U BLOCK
Babality: D R L Y/Triangle


The force is strong with this one. Thanks to his teleportation and telekinetic powers, Ermac is an absolute beast when it comes to setting up juggles, allowing players to throw in some massive damage thanks to his easy to learn combo attacks.


Mind over Splatter: D U D U BLOCK
Pest Control: R L R D B/Circle
Unlock Location: Deadlands 21
Stage Fatality: D U D D A/ X


The MacGuyver of the game, Jade is a walking arsenal of weaponry that can change at any moment, making her one of the more easily adaptive characters in the game. With a fantastic speed attribute and special attacks that make opponents block twice, as well as easy juggle setups, Jade is one of the more lethal characters in the game if mastered correctly.


Head-a-Rang: U U D R X / Square
Half Mast: L D L D B/Circle
Unlock Location: DeadLands 5
Stage Fatality: L R D BLOCK
Babality: D D R D B/Circle

Last Updated: May 12, 2011

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