Mortal Kombat Lore in a minute and new Skullgirls videos

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So I was sitting here trying to decide whether to post the new Lore in a minute video featuring Mortal Kombat or the new Skullgirls videos when I remembered that all fighting games are the same thing and they are all subservient to Street Fighter.

So I stopped my thinking and decided to post them up in the same post.

First up is the Lore of Mortal Kombat explained in a minute, it’s not quite as detailed as it really needs to be but you’ll get enough to pass yourself off as a gamer at the office water fountain.


Then we have 2 brand new Skullgirls video’s which pretty much show that Skullgirls is a cross between Street Fighter and Dead or Alive.



If you haven’t yet thrown your hat(e) into the Street Fighter being milked argument then now would be a good time as well, you can do that here

Last Updated: August 25, 2011

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