Mortal Kombat X has permission to include Spawn

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There’s a  bunch of characters that I’d dig to see in Mortal Kombat X. The rumour of the Predator joining the cast sounds ridiculously fun and perfect for the game, which has already featured the likes of Elm Street nightmare Freddy Krueger and the god of war Kratos in the previous iteration. One character that fans are keen to see however? Todd McFarlane’s infamous Spawn. And the creator of that cult character says that developer NetherRealm has access to Spawn. If they choose to use him, that is.

Speaking to GamerFitNation, McFarlane explained that NetherRealm still has a “window of time” to use Spawn, as McFarlane inked a deal with publisher Warner Bros Interaractive that would allow his comic book creation to cross on over to that universe.

“They have access to be able to use the character in a couple of their games, if they want to.”

Again, it’s up to their discretion. I gave them a window of time, so I’ll just leave it to them to do what it is that they want. Eventually, they’ll phone me and they’ll go, ‘Hey, we want to use him here. Is that OK?’ Well, technically, it’s OK because we’ve already said yes. They just are letting us know. I don’t know if they’re ever going to use him.

I doubt that we’ll see Spawn in the game anytime soon however. With around two months to go before release, creating a balanced and unique Spawn character with a unique moveset, three variable styles and fatalities, might be cutting it close. Of course, he could always pop up as a DLC character after launch, but again, that’s up to NetherRealm. If they’re even interested at all.

Personally, I’d dig to see Pee Wee Herman in the game. HA! FATALITY! That’s our secret word for the daaaaaaay! HA HA!

Last Updated: February 20, 2015

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