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Mortal Kombat: Xbox 360 images leaked

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With little more than a week until the official release of Mortal Kombat and still no sign of a demo for the Xbox 360, it would seem as though a rather fortunate or well connected individual has managed to get his/her hands on a copy of the 360 version, leaking a couple of rather badly taken photographs of alternative costumes for the characters Cyrax and Sector.

While 360 users might still be coming to terms the fact that their will not be an exclusive character with the platforms version, the images might just be enough to get fans of the franchise excited about the exclusives that have been assigned to the console.



Besides the alternative costumes a rather sinister looking clown was amongst the leaked images as well, which could possibly be a poke at the censored joker fatality from Mortal Kombat vs DC. Although the mysterious clown does not seem to be an exclusive combatant, it has been suggested so far that the menacing character might actually be a finishing move lending to Shang Tsung’s ability to morph.


Source: save&quit

Last Updated: April 11, 2011

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