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Mortal Shell’s beta raked in over 350,000 players

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Anyone else find it weird that Souls-like is a just…a thing at at this point? Dark Souls was so influential in the video game industry that it just spawned its own sub-genre of games that lift directly from it. That’s really fascinating to me, games that prove so successful that they literally form entire genres, such as the most famous example of Rogue creating the rogue-likes/lites. Anyway, I’m waxing lyrical here. What I’m trying to get to is that the Souls-like genre is pretty huge right now with many entries often not being very good at it. Yet if Mortal Shell’s beta is anything to go by, it could be the next great action-RPG that takes the world by storm.

Going by a tweet published by the official Mortal Shell Twitter page, Mortal Shell’s beta received plenty of attention from players. Running from 3 July to 10 July, Mortal Shell was played by over 350,000 people, a good deal more than it would have received if the developers had just decided to stick to the original closed beta plan. Given that the demand to play the game was so high, the developers opened the beta up to everyone and consequently got over 5 million views on Twitter throughout the playable period. Oh, and players stroked the in-game cat over 150,000 times.


Now there’s a massive problem with these stats. How could the game have been played by 350,000 players yet not even half of that number took time out of their session to give some love to the friendly cat lurking around the shadows? An absolute disgrace, video games were a mistake. Mortal Shell offered us a good kitty and we ignored it. I’m embarrassed for all of us, we need to do better. It just takes five seconds to pet the cat dammit. They deserve your love.

Last Updated: July 20, 2020

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