Movember Madness – Second last call

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We’ve nearly made it, there are only 4 more days of Movember left and while I am looking forward to having a clean shave again I have to say that I am going to miss Mr Whirlm… what didn’t you name yours?

So if you are one of the brave souls growing a Mo then just stick it out since we are nearly done and you never know your Mo may be the best one out of the lot winning you that awesome Megarom bundle of Rockstar goodies.

What’s more don’t worry if your hair growing ability isn’t the best you don’t need to have the largest Mo to win the prize, just the best. And judging the best is a subjective thing so here are some tips to try win over the judges.

  1. Dye it…
  2. Shave it into a ridiculous pattern before taking the photo
  3. Photoshop yourself into a novel situation with your Mo (no photo shopping the Mo though)
  4. Enter multiple versions of your Mo
  5. Be original

Also don’t despair if you aren’t a Mo grower because for every R10 that you donate to CANSA under the name of Lazygamer Movember we will give you an entry to win our second awesome bundle.

For all the donation details and instructions click here.

A big thanks to all our current donators we have gotten up to R3 320 but come on guys and girls it’s pay day this week and I am sure we can do better than this. Every cent counts and it’s going to a really good cause that hasn’t received enough attention in times gone by. Prostate Cancer is something that we all wince about when it comes up in conversation but rarely is it discussed.

I know I am quite partial to my prostate and anything I can do to help keep it healthy is money well spent. Or put it this way, if you don’t want to put some money forward then at least go out and chat about the health of your prostate with a bunch of strangers in the pub.

Gavin Mannion R 500.00
Smit S* R 500.00
Yoko B* R 500.00
Geoffrey Tim R 500.00 R 500.00 R 250.00
Caelex Auto Electrical R 200.00
Barry T* R 200.00
Faried L* R 50.00
Jannie T* R 50.00
Derek S* R 50.00
Euvrard G* R 20.00

If you are ready to submit your Mo for judging or just for fun then send it through to [email protected] and we’ll make sure it gets some Internet loving.

Last Updated: November 27, 2009

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