MS and Sony can’t keep up with next-gen demand

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While most of you don’t seem all that enthused by the next new generation of consoles, both Microsoft and Sony don’t seem to be able to keep up with the incredible demand for mid-range pc’s in a box.

Microsoft’s Phil Harrison has said that the Xbox One’s launch will be “significantly bigger than 360," and that the company is doing what it can to keep up.

Though mum on exact figures, Harrison said that "pre-orders have been unprecedented, and the supply that we are bringing in to the market in addition to the pre-orders will mean that by far and away it’s our biggest launch ever."

As a result, it might be tricky to get hold of one One when it comes Christmas time.

"We’re working unbelievably hard to match demand," said Harrison. "I can only apologise in advance to anybody who is let down before Christmas, we don’t want to lose a sale, clearly, and we’ll work hard in our operations and our manufacturing supply chain and obviously with our retail partners to make sure we catch up as quickly as we can."

Retailers and analysts say that demand for both systems is exceeding supply.

”Retailers in our checks indicate there is consumer demand well in excess of supply, as evidenced by fast sell-outs of incremental unit allotments, such as at GameStop,” says Baird Analyst Colin Sebastian.

Gamestop has also said that it’s sold through its initial PlayStation 4 stock, and has a further 2.3 million next gen customers waiting for systems on its books.

Last Updated: November 22, 2013

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