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MS guarantee "amazing new experiences" for Kinect at E3 – Will they deliver?

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It seems like just yesterday that Gavin and myself were sitting in some large stadium/hall-thing at the Kinect reveal in Los Angeles wearing white ponchos with flashing lights in the shoulder blades.

It wasn’t yesterday though, it was nearly a year ago… and since it’s reveal and release, Kinect has been praised for its potential by many, but the truth of the matter is that it’s still severely suffering from a serious lack of games to play.

Microsoft think they are going to blow us away at E3. Isn’t that what they said last year?

Rare seem pretty pumped up about the whole deal and seem to think that even though they want to be leading the kinect-olution, a lot of other developers are working hard to bring on a whole new level of experiences from the motion controller. Rare’s Scott Henson told MVC that:

“We’ve got E3 coming up, and there’ll be lots of exciting things happening there”.

Neil Thompson, Microsoft’s UK GM for retail sales and marketing told MVC that:

“I can guarantee that Rare and all of our other studios are looking at what we’re doing on Kinect and coming up with some amazing new experiences that people will love,”

“That’s what we’re focusing on.”

We all know that as far as motion controllers go, these things can all go very lame, or if given the right type of creativity, could really spark up something amazing. Granted, when it comes to giving kids something to play with, it still work wonders and memories of my nieces and nephews having an absolute blast last Christmas always remind of just that.

As far as more hardcore gaming is concerned, I still personally want to see the Kinect being used more to assist in making normal controller-based games better by adding functionality. Something like Skyrim could benefit by allowing the user to use their hands to rotate and inspect new weapons in a store for example, or do one-handed gestures to activate major spells or something to that effect.

The possibilities are there, we know it, they know it, so all we need to do now is hope that they something really cool coming our way.

Microsoft know as well as anyone that if they don’t make a great extended impression of Kinect this year, their new motion-platform may be in some serious trouble.

Source: MVC via Connected Consoles

Last Updated: April 14, 2011

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