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MS Screwed It's Own Reps? We call BS.

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A rep from Microsoft has complained that Microsoft has completely screwed a lot of them over by releasing the NXE update, which was rumoured to start causing RROD’s, right after the time that a lot of customers 3 year RROD warranties had ended.

Apparently the update has been causing a lot of issues for users and caused the MS service lines to explode with calls of complaint. The rep from Microsoft had the following to say:

“I hate what the company did this year,”

“They released the New Xbox Experience a few days after the extended warranty period ended for most users and it’s tough to explain that to raging callers. How do you say that MS just screwed them all?”

The only problem with all of this, is that this so called “rep” is talking an absolute heap of crap.

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The truth is that the 3 year warranty for the launch of the Xbox 360 is the 22nd of November. That’s tomorrow. The second problem is that even if it were true, the warranty would only have ended for any of the consumers who bought the Xbox 360 on launch day. Regardless of purchase dates, it’s all a huge lie because as stated first, the three year anniversary of the Xbox 360 launch in the US is only tomorrow.

This story is getting a crazy amount of attention on the internet and we can’t really figure out how the whole thing hasn’t been spotted as a complete sham. To make matters worse, I went into the N4G comments thread to see if anyone had brought it up but the fanboys were so busy shouting and screaming about their PS3’s and Xbox 360’s that no one actually bothered to notice that the facts didn’t add up.

original article: gamingconfidential

Last Updated: November 21, 2008

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