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Namco Not Happy With PS3 Sales

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In what can only be described as bad news for Sony, Namco has come out and said  

PS3 did not make a good start, which will make the transition from the old game console to the next generation system more prolonged than we had earlier thought. “This will keep a lid on sales of our video games in the first half, although we believe that sales of PS3 will increase in the second half (to March 2008),

In other words, the promised sales have not happened so we need to change our tactics… They go on to say that they will be releasing 23 PS3 games, 24 Xbox games and 37 Wii games in the 2008 fiscal year.

So what was that about no 3rd party games for the Wii?

I think the number of games is a very good indicator of what Namco expects to happen in this war. PS3 last, Xbox 360 slightly ahead and the Wii miles ahead of both of them…

Link to PS3 News: Namco Not Happy With PS3 Sales, Announce Plans

Last Updated: May 10, 2007

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